100% THC Free CBD

I’ve recently gotten some questions regarding the difference between our regular CBD tincture and our 100% THC free CBD, so I wanted to clear things up a bit! This is going to be a 2 blog post series (I know, I know, I’m going so above and beyond).

A lot of people are concerned that the THC free tincture doesn’t have the same benefits as the regular tincture. The short answer is, yes, it does! But I’m going to go ahead and give you the long answer too…

First- why 100% THC free? In my next blog I'll talk about why we make a tincture with <0.3% THC in the first place, so follow up on this page to learn about that. 

We started producing this product because we recognized that THC is something most people stay away from - we do too! As a company, it’s important to us that we’re meeting the needs of many, not the few. That being said, many people work in industries where they are drug tested regularly, or at random. We wanted to create a product that takes 100% of the worry and stress of that drug test off of our customers, so we created a 100%THC free tincture to be extra safe!

So what are the benefits? Here’s the long answer I promised you…

This tincture still contains all of the benefits of CBD and here’s why- it has the same amount of CBD as our other tinctures! The start-to-finish process looks like this. We grow hemp plants that naturally have a very low amount of THC in them. We regulate this by using very high quality seeds, and cloning healthy plants. We then remove all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant, leaving a mixture of CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes with a trace amount of THC. Then for the purpose of our THC free tincture, we then use a second extraction process to remove those trace amounts of THC.

This process leaves us with a CBD tincture that contains absolutely no THC! These tinctures still contain 1,000mg of CBD per 1oz and have all the benefits that have made CBD so popular. They still can help manage pain, reduce inflammation, mitigate anxiety, improve quality of sleep, and so much more!

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