CBD for Sleep

The Struggle of Sleep

Sleep is essential for our well being. Good sleep promotes healthy brain function, supports immune system function and helps the body heal (1). Yet 70% of American adults report insufficient sleep at least one night per month and 11% report insufficient sleep every night (2). Many solutions offer to help alleviate the sleep challenges we face. With options ranging from improving sleep hygiene, prescription sleep aids, or natural sleep aids; where does CBD fit in?

Sleep and CBD

Preliminary research into cannabis for insomnia shows potential for CBD to help in the treatment of sleep disorders (3). The focus of these studies has been around specific disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, REM sleep behavior disorder, or excessive daytime sleepiness. While clinical research shows evidence of benefiting those who struggle with these challenges, many of us are just looking for a better night's sleep. One of the best resources we have in this area is our customer testimony. Here is what one of our customers had to say when asked about CBD and their sleep habits:

"I've never thought of myself as having a sleep disorder, just struggle sleeping from time to time. Sometimes it is difficult falling asleep or I just don't wake up feeling rested. In the past, I've tried various over the counter sleep aids like Benadryl or melatonin but I haven't gotten the results I was hoping for. I'd then substitute for the lack of sleep with caffeine. An extra cup of coffee or an energy drink later in the day but that just created more challenges in my sleep cycle. I was excited to try Lee Hemp's CBD products as an organic natural sleep aid and the results have been incredible. I prefer the tincture and have been changing the dosage to find what's right for me. Now, if I'm feeling restless in the evening or know I need a good night's sleep before a big day I'll take CBD and it helps me fall asleep quicker and rest deeper."

Whether it is one night a month or a daily struggle, early studies and customer testimony reveal promising results for the use of cannabinoids as a natural sleep aid. 

Types of CBD

The oral forms of CBD that we produce here at Lee Hemp are oil tinctures and gummies. The biggest difference between the two are how they are absorbed into the body. The CBD tinctures are used to place oil under your tongue and be held for a minute or so. This allows the body to absorb the CBD through the lining of your mouth. CBD gummies are meant to be eaten and the CBD is then absorbed through your digestive system. What we have found is that customers looking for convenience such as ease of use, packability, and have a sweet tooth, gravitate towards the gummies. Those who are a little more precise with their dosage and are looking to find what works best for them typically go for the tincture.

The bottom line is that many struggle getting enough sleep. With the promising results of clinical studies on CBD for sleep disorders and positive feedback from customers, we encourage you to try CBD to improve your sleep. Whether you opt for a tincture or gummy solution, try various doses to see if CBD can provide the results you are looking for. 



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